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Minnesota is a state that understands the importance of housing for its residents. Quality housing options for prospective homeowners and renters are essential to ensuring an acceptable quality of life. The following programs all exist within Minnesota to help ensure that reality.

For further information about the programs below, contact Chuck Swanson at 952-556-2778 or email

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Minnesota City Participation Program

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Minnesota Housing sells mortgage revenue bonds on behalf of cities to meet locally identified housing needs. The proceeds of these bonds provide below-market-interest-rate home mortgage loans for low- and moderate-income first-time homebuyers. The Minnesota City Participation Program provides cities throughout the state with a unique opportunity to easily access housing resources to meet the needs of their citizens.

Other financial assistance programs include:

Minnesota Housing First-Generation Homebuyer Loan Program

Minnesota Housing Grant Programs

Rehabilitation Loan Program and Emergency & Accessibility Loan Program

Image of Rehabilitation Loan Program and Emergency & Accessibility Loan Program

Offered through Minnesota Housing, the RLP/ELP programs are designed to assist low-income homeowners with home improvements. These programs provide deferred loan financing to income-eligible homeowners to address health and safety concerns in their homes. A lien is placed on the property, and the loan is forgiven over time.  Loan program income limits are based on HUD median family income estimates.

Septic System Financial Assistance Programs

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There are numerous financial assistance programs available to Carver County homeowners needing to replace or repair a failing septic system, including low-income grants, low-interest loans and more.

For more information, call (952) 361-1800. Email or go to the Carver County Septic Systems page by visiting the website below.