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What is the Carver County Community Development Agency?

The Carver County Community Development Agency (CDA) is a local government agency administering a number of county-wide programs in the areas of single and multi-family housing, foreclosure counseling, rental assistance and economic development.

Who does the CDA assist?

Carver County is located 20 miles southwest of Minneapolis and is one of the fastest growing counties in the Twin Cities metro area based on population, housing and business expansion.  Our prime objective is to assist all county residents, cities and businesses with all types of housing or economic development services.  We can provide information or technical assistance to homeowners, renters, landlords and businesses.  If the CDA is unable to assist you, referrals will be made.



 Want To Learn What It Takes To Succeed At Homeownership?

Free Home Stretch Classes Offer Unbiased Info for Smart Choices 


The Carver County CDA will offer a free Home Stretch course during June Homeownership Month for anyone interested in learning more about what it takes to buy and keep a home.  Classes are taught by industry and nonprofit experts, and cover topics such as setting budgets, planning for home repairs, selecting a mortgage and buying the home.  Upcoming classes will be held:

§  June 18th, 6:00-9:00 PM, at our office, 705 Walnut Street, Chaska &

§  June 21st, 9:00 AM -2:30 PM, at our office, 705 Walnut Street, Chaska


Home Stretch courses are being offered for free at The Carver County CDA and more than 30 nonprofits statewide during National Homeownership Month as part of a larger effort to help Minnesota’s next generation of homeowners make smart buying choices and contribute to vibrant communities. In fact, recent research shows that homeownership benefits people and communities through:


§  Building Assets & Wealth.  Homeownership is still the single greatest for most American families. It makes up at least one third of most families’ assets.


§  Increasing Local Engagement.  Buying a home makes someone 25 percent more likely to become involved in neighborhood associations, and homeownership is also associated with increased participation in local elections.


§  Supporting Neighborhood Safety. Homeowners take more action against potential threats to safety than renters, and are more active in protecting neighborhood quality of life.


Improving Student Achievement. Children of homeowners have been shown to score higher on reading and math tests than children of non-homeowners.


Fostering Good Health.  The pride-in-ownership and confidence that comes from homeownership’s stability have positive impacts on owners’ mental health.


These benefits are only true with successful homeownership over the long haul.  Home Stretch gives homebuyers the tools to make smart choices for successful homeownership, and the free classes are filling fast. To register for a class please contact:   Jack Ashmore at (952) 556-2801.  

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