Counseling Programs Overview

The CDA refers all households in need of housing counseling services to the network of counseling agencies under the Minnesota Homeownership Center. Home – HOCMN 651-659-9336

Pre-Purchase / Home Ownership: Informational workshops & individual counseling on the home purchase process

Budget and Credit Counseling: Individual financial needs

Foreclosure Prevention: Assistance on work-out options with lenders

Home Improvement Loans: Deferred and low-interest rate loans

For information on residential and commercial property taxes, go to Carver County Taxpayer services.

Foreclosure Counseling

Every single day Minnesotans are dealing with the struggles of being able to make their mortgage payments. In order to do so, many key factors like the economy or a loss of income can affect a homeowner’s ability to stay in their home. There are many way to defer the foreclosure process. Most importantly, it is best to act quickly.

Your Options Depend on Many Factors

  • Number of delinquent payments
  • Type of mortgage
  • What paperwork the mortgage company has recently sent you
  • Current income level
  • The reasons for your financial challenges and your reasons for being delinquent.

Budget & Credit Counseling

The network of Loan Counselors can meet with you to review your financial situation including credit report, cash flow and savings for homeownership. Whether you are looking to purchase a home or struggling to pay your bills in your current home our counselors can help create a step by step plan to remove barriers and help you achieve your goals. A credit report may be required, and a nominal per-person fee will be charged.

Pre-Purchase Counseling with Trained Counselors

One-on-One Loan Counseling Appointments: Loan counseling is a tool that helps individuals and families learn the amount of a home loan for which they qualify and how to start the process of looking for a home to purchase.

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