About CCCLT Program

You can achieve the American dream of homeownership if you earn 50-80% of the area median income!

Community Land Trust

In 2009, the Carver County CDA expanded the Community Land Trust (CLT) program throughout the county. It helps provide secure, affordable access to land and housing for our local workforce by attempting to meet the needs of those least served by today’s  housing market. Today, the CLT has 40 homes scattered throughout Carver County.

The CCCLT helps potential home buyers with low-to-moderate incomes purchase a home on property that is leased from the land trust through a long-term (99-year), renewable ground lease.
Governmental and private grants further subsidize homes on the ‘front end’ thereby “locking in” the benefit of these subsidies one homeowner after another.


  • CCCLT homeowners have the same benefits of traditional home owners
  • CCCLT homes are owned by the resident, but the land is owned by the trust.
  • The CCCLT assists renters who believe they cannot afford a home.
  • The CCCLT make homes affordable over an extended period of time (100+ years).

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How does the CCCLT work?

  1. The CCCLT acquires land that a new home is then built on, or acquires a home that is for sale in the community.
  2. An appraisal is conducted to set the fair market value of the house and land.
  3. The house is sold to a qualifying family, but the deed for the land is kept with the CCLT and leased for a nominal monthly fee.
  4. When the homeowner wishes to sell, a second appraisal is conducted to establish the new value of the house AND land, this new value determines the new re-sale price.
  5. 75% of the appreciation in value stays with the CCCLT land, where it serves to make the house affordable for the next buyer.

Please contact 952-448-7715 ext. 2778

CLT 2021 Brochure

Success Stories

Congratulations to our newest Land Trust homeowners!

Jeff and Marian closed on their new home this week in Waconia. They were also former CDA residents. We are so thrilled to see them achieve their dream of home ownership through the community land trust model.

First Community Land Trust Home in Watertown

Brenda purchased a home through the land trust program after years of being a CDA resident. We are so thrilled for her and excited to have our first land trust home in Watertown. “It was the right size, in the right town, and everything I had ever wanted in a home of my own. I will forever be grateful to be able to call it HOME,” says Brenda of her new home.