The Carver County CDA offers several programs for businesses throughout Carver County.  Additionally, many of the cities within the county also have programs for businesses located within their city.  Please visit their websites for more information.  The following programs are offered to any business within Carver County.

Open to Business

The Open to Business program provides free, one-on-one business counseling to current and prospective entrepreneurs.  Open to Business consultants work with entrepreneurs and businesses to develop a strong business plan, identify challenges and opportunities, and to tailor solutions.  The service is available free of charge to all Carver County residents and businesses.

In addition to consulting, Open to Business can link entrepreneurs to financing for a variety of business purposes, including equipment financing, inventory, cash flow/working capital needs and start-up costs.  Open to Business has capital available to make loans directly to small businesses, and can assist entrepreneurs in creating an attractive loan package to apply to banks and other lending institutions.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact:

Yolanda Cotterall


Success Stories

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CEO Next Business Institute

The CEO Next Business Institute is a nine-month program (generally October-June) geared towards CEOs of second stage companies to help sustain their company’s growth. 

Businesses participate in three areas: 

-Peer learning.  CEOs participate in eight, half-day roundtables.  The roundtables are led by an experienced facilitator and provide CEOs a confidential forum to share challenges and experiences with a small group of non-competing businesses.

-Forums.  Once a month, in a large group setting, a guest speaker is brought in to share on a variety of topics pertinent to businesses and to answer audience questions.

-Research.  Participating businesses receive approximately 40-50 hours of advanced research from national research experts on topics of the company’s choosing.

 To be eligible, businesses must be:

  • Privately held
  • 10-99 employees
  • Annual revenue between $1M and $50M
  • Ready to transition from small to large—part start-up, but not yet mature
  • Appetite and aptitude for growth

The Carver County CDA covers the cost of a business’ participation in the program.  Contact Elise Durbin (952-556-2778 or for more information on the 2020-2021 program year.